Military Grade

These heavy duty utility roofs were used in Desert Storm

Some people just say they have “Military Grade” products. Not us, at Dwelltech our Utility Roofs are Military Grade. This Utility Roof system has been used by the US Army Core of Engineers all over the world for covering: planes, tanks, trucks, tools, equipment and supplies. 

You can trust a Dwelltech Utility Roof to keep your vehicles, equipment and supplies covered and dry in even the most demanding weather conditions. 

At Dwelltech, we roll for you.

Down on the Farm.

Need to keep your feed or equipment dry? What about livestock shelters?

Dwelltech Utility Farm Roofs go up fast and last for generations. Dwelltech can manufacture and install a Utility Roof almost anywhere on any farm.

Another great feature, there virtually nowhere for birds or pests to nest. We are hands down the fastest and most cost effective solution for dry storage or covered ground on your farm.

Tell us what you need and our CAD Tech will design it and prepare 3D presentation for your consideration. Contact Archie today. 

Multiple Roof Installations

We are not just one roof wonders, We can do a whole row of roofs for you!

Dwelltech Multi Roofs are perfect for Equipment Rental Companies, Landscape Aggregates & Nursery Supply, Lumber Yards, Municipal Storage Depots, Boat & RV Storage Lots and Recycling Yards

Our Multi Roofs cover a lot of ground and reduce costs by using middle support structures for two roofs. We are the fastest, strongest and most affordable way to get your equipment and inventory safely covered.

We can design a custom, multi-roof configuration for your business and prepare 3D Architectural Presentation for you to visualize what a Dwelltech Utility Roof can do for you.

Contact Archie and let us know what you need covered!

This is the end my friend.

Do you need end walls? 

Whilst, end walls are not necessary for our Dwelltech Utility Roofs, they can be easily added. For your convenience Dwelltech offers an End Wall Hardware System. 

Our unique end-wall hardware allows for efficient leak free installation of wood or steel studs walls for all our Dwelltech Utility Roofs.

The end walls can be framed in with windows, man doors and vehicle doors of any size.

The end walls can be finished with traditional wood, metal or vinyl cladding and trims.

At Dwelltech, we roll for you.