RV’s, Trucks & Boats Barrel Roofs 

24′ wide x 20′, 30′ or 40′ Long

30” wide x 20′, 30′ or 40′ Long

36′ wide x 20′, 30′ or 40′ Long

Starting at: $9.95 Sq.ft

Single Container Roof

24′ wide x 20′ or 40′ Long

30′ wide x 20′ or 40′ Long

36′ wide x 20′ or 40′ Long

Starting at: $8.75 Sq.ft

Double Container Roof (OM)

24′ wide x 20′ or 40′ Long

30′ wide x 20′ or 40′ Long

36′ wide x 20′ or 40′ Long

Starting at: $8.75 Sq.ft

Agriculture Roofs

24′ wide x up to 100′ Long

30′ wide x up to 150′ Long

36′ wide x up to 250′ Long

Starting at: $9.95 Sq.ft


We don’t use 1000’s of bolts.

All Dwelltech Roof Panels are:

  • Mechanically seamed together into full length 5 panel structural assemblies.
  • 5 Panel Assemblies are then lifted into place for attachment to mounting angles by crane truck, backhoe or construction fork lift.

Dwelltech Wide Span Utility Roofs do not need scaffolding set up and most Dwelltech Roofs can be installed in less than one day.

Structural Seamer 

Panel Assemblies 


We manufacture, deliver & install.

All Dwelltech Roof Panels are:

  • Manufactured by Dwelltech Industries in Maple Ridge, BC.
  • Delivered to site by a Dwelltech Industries trailers.
  • Dwelltech Roofs are installed by experienced Dwelltech Roof Installers.





We offer straight up fair deals.

“We offer a straight up price list with fair prices on all our Dwelltech Utility Roofs”

All Dwelltech Roof Quotations will include:

  • Dwelltech Roof Panels, Galvanized Mounting Angles & Buildex Fasteners.
  • Delivery of Dwelltech Roof.
  • Installation of Dwelltech Roof.
  • Snow, Wind, & Earthquake Structural Design Summary & Calculations. 

Contact Archie today for price list. 

Design Summary Example

20 Year Warranty Example

Dwelltech Roofs are brought to you by: Dwelltech Industries Ltd


Dwelltech Industries is a Maple Ridge, British Columbia based, 100% Canadian owned manufacturer with an experienced team using high grade corrosion resistant steel, modern manufacturing machinery and processes. Over the last 8 years our team has developed for a unique range of wide span utility roofs for rural and recreational property owners.

Dwelltech roofs are designed to amplify the benefits of shipping containers and concrete landscape blocks by creating simple, cost effective solutions for wide open covered dry storage or work spaces.    

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  • Landscape Block Roofs
  • 24′, 30′ & 36′ Wide

  • Custom Design
  • CAD & 3D Architectural Presentations

  • Landscape Block & Container Roof
  • We call it the “Swirl”

  • Coming Soon:
  • Outdoor Lifestyle Roofs

  • 100% Canadian Owned
  • Designed and Manufactured in BC.